The firm

AZHA Avocats is a boutique law firm located in Geneva.

The firm represents private and institutional domestic and international clients as well as governments and state entities in the context of commercial and investment disputes heard by arbitral tribunals. Attorneys at AZHA also accept appointments as arbitrators and regularly serve as legal experts in international arbitration proceedings, inter alia on questions related to economic sanctions.

Beyond its international arbitration practice, AZHA advises clients (including multinational companies and governments) on all issues pertaining to economic sanctions, in the commercial and financial sectors.

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AZHA attorneys are highly specialised lawyers, who were trained and have practiced law in various jurisdictions, speak multiple languages and have acquired, over the years, a vast experience as arbitrators and counsel in the context of large-scale disputes in a wide range of industries. AZHA attorneys are sharp legal minds, dedicated advisors and tireless litigators.

AZHA Avocats

AZHA attorneys believe that it is essential in each case to gain a complete understanding of their client’s business and hierarchy of objectives. They also recognize that the overarching strategy is as crucial as a rigourous legal analysis at any given stage of the proceedings. In each one of their mandates, they strive to combine quality and efficiency. They have developed, through years of experience in top-ranking firms, skills to achieve, early on, clarity on the relevant facts and critical legal issues underlying each dispute, even those that span over decades.

Attorneys at AZHA include their clients in all discussions towards key decisions. Furthermore, while they are relentlessly combative in their role as counsel in arbitration proceedings, they remain attentive to their client’s potential interest in out-of-court solutions, and have proved to be creative in negotiating tailor-made settlement agreements.

AZHA attorneys closely follow all developments in international arbitration, transnational commercial law and economic sanctions, in which areas they frequently author book chapters and articles. They also regularly organize conferences and are invited to deliver academic lectures and speak at conferences.